Agency Mission

The mission of Senior Care Insurance Agency is to provide financial security & peace of mind to mature individuals nearing their initial Medicare qualification period or already participating in Medicare. I’ll do this by providing professional advice, caring attention and personal service each & every day. I am committed to having deeper relationships with my customers and a supportive relationship with the community I serve.


I am passionate about taking care of my clients and making sure that their assets and income are protected.


I’ll provide a “one stop shopping” solution for all your Insurance & Financial Service’s Needs.


I do this by providing the following services …


  • I’ll help you determine the best course of action in selecting Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans.
  • I’ll conduct a “Policy Evaluation” that uncovers “Protection GAPS” in your personal auto and homeowner insurance plans. I’ll devise a customized insurance program that fill’s the gaps and provides coverage at the best price available.
  • I’ll conduct an annual “Policy Review” to keep your insurance coverages up to date with life’s changing landscape. This will include a “Premium Review” to ensure optimal use of premiums to manage costs and re-direct premium, where appropriate, to income producing programs.
  • Provide educational resources that help facilitate a strong overall insurance and financial program consistently, over your lifetime.
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